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Earthquake, wind ..................... but thank goodness no fire!

Last week natural forces hit St. Peter's Church. We weren't aware of it, but a minor earthquake earlier in the week may have caused a little dmaage on the roof of St. Peter's. However Friday Night/Saturday morning a bit of the roof - a giant bit of stone, came crashing down, and did a bit of damage to the roof of the church - knocking a few slates out. It's a real nuisance, but hopefully in the next week or so we should have it repaired.

At the same time we are making real progress towards the building work to repair the tower at St. Mark's. We have the site meeting this coming week, and with any luck the builders should start on the 25th March. The trouble is there is all sorts of things and letter and documents that have to be produced, and I simply can't understand what they all are. Hopefully we will get through this bit, and there will be no delay on our starting date. It's also good that the architect is now talking about the internal changes we want to make, putting a community room inside the building. Hopefully we will have plans up and ready to go very soon.

It has to be done, but all this building work is very time-consuming, and there is so much that is really beyond the scope of lay people like us.

Pray for our buildings. Not that they will be wonderful, but that they will be sorted quickly, and the cause of the gospel will be sped by them being here and sorted out.

Mothering Sunday

Well, it was mothering Sunday yesterday, and we were very busy at church -  at both of our churches, particularly St. Peter's where we also had a baptism.

I have to be honest - I find Mothering Sunday difficult. I know it's supposed to echo back to times when servant girls returned home to their "mother" church, but these days its all about mothers.

The hard part is to say things which are not simply sentimental, and to ensure we don't say being a mother is more wonderful than anything else.  It's about drawing people again to the love of God, and to needing the light of Christ in us. I simply can't talk about how wonderful and special mothers are - because we are all wonderful and special and equally loved by God and having a part in church life. If we have a mother's day, then we should have a children's day, and a bachelors day and........................... !!!!!!!

I hope  we did justice to Mothering Sunday and it was fantastic to see lots of people in church. But I'm glad it's another year before I have to worry about it again!!!!


I know Lent is early, but feel like we are already halfway through! Been so busy since Christmas. Lots of baptisms and weddings booked.  Trying our Wednesday lunches at St. Mark's - despite lots of publicity, we have had a pretty low response. So many different things happening.

This afternoon going to St. Mary's Reddish - they've been in interregnum for some time, but Shaun their new minister is being licensed next Sunday. As Area Dean I get to organise the service and the rehearsal. Enjoy that part of the work.

Still reeling this weekend from the controversy over Sharia law sparked by comments by Rowan Williams. Working hard to say - we may disagree with what someone says - but that is no reason to love someone and pray for someone any the less. Have to tackle it in sermons this morning. 

Another Busy Sunday.....................

Today has been a good Sunday - so far - still have the evening service yet!
It was good to see several people in church who came because it was the first anniversary of the death of someone they remembered. Worship is always a balancing act between the great celebration that is the church family worship, and trying to welcome people who's feelings are quite different - sadness, mourning etc. I think it works because people are grateful that we have remembered their member of family, or whoever, and we want to pray for, and hold a hand of welcome to, those who are struggling.
We held the funeral for Frank on Friday - a Great gentle giant member of our church. It was a moving service, and it was good see people in church today remembering him as well. For Frank, the church was his family, and as a church we hopefully gave the right thankyous and fairwells to one of our own.

Too absorbed to remember...............

One of the problems I've already found with a blog is that you get so absorbed in day-to-day life that you forget to write anything in it, so thanks for the reminder to put something.

Firstly to record some sad news for our parish. A great member of our church - Frank - was found dead on new year's day. Frank was a delight - typical of the "Gentle Giant". He was kind, involved, friendly, a delight to know. He was also a great city supporter, as well as a regular at Old Trafford for the cricket. Sadly because his death was sudden we've and to wait over three week for a post mortem, but his funeral is going to be on Friday.

Also some good news - yesterday we welcomed Sarah,  a student on placement from Westcott House, training for ordination. Sarah will be with us until Palm Sunday, and it's really good to welcome her.

We're also trying something new - please pray for it. We have started Wednesday lunches at St. Mark's church, and will be having them every Wednesday (except half term) from now until Easter, as a trial run. It's an attempt to offer something to our community - where else can you get a lunch for 70p!!!! We're rather limited at St. Mark's in terms of facilities, so we are doing soup and bread roles (or should that be spelt rolls? I think it's rolls!) and chocolate biscuits.


Welcome to the Website, and the first entry in our parish blog.

At this stage I don't have anything profound to comment on, but will update news of parish life whenever I get a chance, and when something interesting happens. Come and visit regularly, and please reply when you want.

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