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CD of Hymns and various music in Midi format.  
We use midi music as accompaniment for all our worship, and have 400 midis from many sources, including being programmed by members of our churches. They are listed as per Mission Praise.
We can provide the midis on CDrom to anyone who wants them.

Midi files can be played on a computer, on a midi-player or on a keyboard with a disc drive.


Powerpoint meditations 
As part of his Sabbatical in 2007, the Rector of St. Peter's made a large number of Meditations using scripture, canticles and psalms, making them in powerpoint format.
Most of the meditations have pictures taken by the Rector, many on Lindisfarne, as well as from Norfolk, Whithorn and other parts of the uk.

We have put the entire collection of Powerpoint presentations on CDrom and they are available to anyone who would like them. They are great for use in prayer, quiet days, worship, personal devotions, meditations etc.


"The Face in the Flame" 
This is a fantasy novel written by the Rector, exploring Christian themes of journey, forgiveness and power. 

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