Myers Briggs Workshops offered by the clergy of the parish, who are Myers Briggs Practitioners.

Both Les and Lucy Ireland are Myers Briggs Practitioners.

 Over recent years many tools have been designed to help in  personal understanding and development. The best of these is probably the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), designed to help people understand themselves and their preferences, whilst emphasising the uniqueness of each individual.

The great value of the MBTI is that what starts as a simple questionnaire opens up for us a whole world of understanding which can be applied to all aspects of our lives. The MBTI is regularly used for team building, careers advice, personal development, stress management etc etc. In the Christian world it is also used in developing prayer and spirituality, counselling and spiritual guidance.

The MBTI does not answer all the questions we may have or solve all the problems we face, but it gives an effective understanding of ourselves, so that we can start working from the right place.

 We offer workshops in 2 different ways:

  • On a regular basis we run Myers Briggs Basic workshops, open to anyone who would like to come along.

  • We are more than willing to come to you (or provide a suitable venue for you to come to us) and run a workshop tailor-made to your requirements. Whether you are a Christian group, voluntary group, secular group, private company, church - whatever you are - we are happy to talk with you to design a suitable workshop for your organisation, covering topics such as teamwork, self-development, prayer, working with children, stress management........ talk to us about what you are interested in.

Ring us on 0161 224 5877 to talk to us about what we can offer.


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