An attempt to give a picture of parish atmosphere style and life.

What's Levenshulme like?

Levenshulme is a highly multicultural vibrant township on the south side of Manchester, with a population of about 25,000, living mainly in very traditional terrace housing. Levenshulme is home to a rising number of young professionals, as well as a rising number of people from overseas. There is a huge Muslim population in Levenshulme. An equally huge Irish population. A growing number of people from the most recent wave of immigration mainly from Africa and Eastern Europe, including students, refugees, asylum seekers, people coming for work. In all, people from over 60 nationalities have worshipped at St. Peter's church in the last 8 years. It's a great melting pot of people who get on with each other!
Levenshulme has one of the best bus services in the world - the 192. 35 buses an hour go in each direction between Stockport and Manchester, passing through Levenshulme.

Levenshulme "Claims to Fame".
  • We claim to have the largest Indian Restaurant in Europe, seating 900 in the Restaurant, as well as another 2,500 in function rooms.
  • Norman Foster, the Architect, is from Levenshulme.
  • Arthur Lowe - Captain Mainwaring in Dad's Army - is from Levenshulme.